Look at that photo below and if this is how you look when you breathe, then this post is for you.


Image result for teeth of mouth breather vs nose breather


It is perfectly natural to breathe through your mouth at certain times, but if you’ve become a habitual mouth breather, you may want to reconsider stopping this bad habit.

Why? Aside from chronic health problems it can bring,  breathing through your mouth can actually change the shape of your face and alter your appearance. This is especially true for children because they are still growing. Children whose mouth breathing goes untreated may suffer from abnormal facial and dental development in the future

Hormonal Mouth Acne

Trying to find the root cause of my permanent mouth acne, perioral dermatitis.Read about my search for finding natural and holistic solutions to cure the source of my problem, while eliminating other correlating symptoms caused by this issue. Find out what caused my condition.

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